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Celia (@celia_poledance)

​The gorgeous Celia comes to us from France.

She is also a choreographer who loves to integrate sexy elements into her routines: legwaves, bodyrolls, heel bangs and flow, you name it, she’s got it!

Celia has trained and competed both locally and internationally; but her passion resides in teaching and sharing her tricks and secrets tot make her students look their best regardless of their body-shape, physical level of strength or flexibility.

pole art

Mei Ting (@polemeits)

An experienced dancer and ballerina, Mei Ting began pole dancing in August 2015 with Ecole De Pole, and joined them as an instructor in November 2016.

Her modern dance experience dates back to 2004, and she completed the RAD Grade 8 in Classical Ballet (Distinction) in 2010. She was also a member of Singapore Management University’s contemporary dance club, INDANCITY, under the tutelage of Mr Dan Kwoh.

Mei Ting loves dance choreography, where she likes to create floor work and movement flows.

Outside of dance, Mei Ting is a consultant who loves to travel and eat.


Jac (@jaclynfong)

Jaclyn completed hatha yoga teacher training in 2011 and has taught both studio classes and private lessons.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge with students, as well as continuing to learn from different teachers, as she believes that learning is a lifelong process.

She loves all splits and backbends, and will be the first to tell you that flexibility training is possible for everyone as long as they are persevere with practice and continue to stay safe.

pole dance

Venetia (@venevene)

Often referred to as ‘Missy’s Mummy’, Ven enjoys all things outdoor and found her love for yoga and pole in 2012.

She believes the best thing about pole is learning to love being in your own skin and discovering an all-new confidence.

Swing by the studio to take her Beginner and Aerial Silk classes – you might just get to have a friendly furry visitor in your class!


Kim (@kimzhanglimin)

“Nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart and mind to it” is the mantra Kim sticks to. Kim once dreamed of being a gymnast and dancer, and found both of this possible with pole and aerial dancing. Never one to keep idle, she was a Latin ballroom dancer with Caderas Latinas in Singapore Management University, and an avid rock climber. 

She loves how pole dancing allows for artistic freedom of expression, while also challenging the human body to achieve things she didn’t know was possible as an adult.

In 2016, she competed in the SG Pole Challenge Semi-Pro category.

She loves teaching and helping others to achieve their best, and find inspiration in pole and aerial dancing.

pole dance sg salmah

Salmah (@salmonsalmah)

Salmah has been pole dancing for 5 years and was an instructor for 2 years at Pole Dance Academy Singapore where she loved teaching Beginners, sharing her passion and the fun that pole dancing brings.

Salmah’s love for all things hip and booty have led her to explore Twerking, Belly Dancing and Tahitian Dance Fitness which she practices regularly.

What she loves most about teaching is that she can inspire others to find comfort in their own skin and strongly believes that confidence is the key to being sexy.

Jaemi (@JimiJimi87 / @Duetpole)

Jaemi took up pole dancing in 2013 without any prior dance background, and understands the mental and physical struggles that most students go through. A firm believer that muscular strength is important for dancers, she strives to incorporate strength and endurance training in all her classes.

In 2016, she competed in the SG Pole Challenge Amateur pole doubles category with her partner and they were awarded Champions.

A dark chocolate addict, she designs sportswear by the brand “Naked Wear” during her free time.


Irene (@iamirenegoh / @Duetpole)

A special education teacher in the daytime, Irene is an adventurous spirit with a love for pole dancing at heart.

Irene first started Pole dancing in 2014 and fell in love with it ever since.

In 2016, she competed in the SG Pole Challenge Amateur pole doubles category with her partner and they were awarded Champions.

Besides pole dancing, she swims, rock climbs, and eats a lot.

pole trick


Suzanne discovered pole in late 2012 after forcing her friends to do a private class with her for her Hen’s Night. She started classes in 2013 and has not looked back since! She loves how pole constantly provides a challenge in terms of technique, strength, flexibility and fluid movement and has also helped to build her self confidence.

When she’s not hanging from a pole, you can find her training Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

pole dance


Janne likes to be upside down and spinning around (preferably as fast as possible), she started pole dancing in 2012 and really loves a good and slightly scary pole trick.

She has taken part in a couple of amateur competitions in Singapore and in Hong Kong.


Serena (@serena_pole)

Serena is an instructor from London and has been pole dancing for 4 years. She fell in love with pole instantly and she loves to convert newbies to the sport!

When she’s not poling, Serena loves to travel, do yoga and eat as much Singaporean food as possible!


Erica started pole in 2012 from a background of doing zero exercise because she wanted to start doing something and did not have the attention span to work out in a gym.

She hasnt looked back from then and took part in several university competitions in the UK from 2015-2016 where she consistently placed within the top 3.

Outside her pole-life she is a biologist who loves going on long hikes with her dog to make up for all the leg days she’s been skipping.

Peter (@petercannothandstand)

Peter started out teaching himself handstands and gymnastics strength training at a time without YouTube or Instagram, and has since trained in capoeira, gymnastics, contemporary dance, partner acrobatics, hand balancing, aerial straps, and more.

Having made many mistakes along the way, he hopes to become the coach he wishes he had when he started, and save his students from having to go through the same costly journey he did. In the last 5 years he has travelled to work with coaches in Melbourne, San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Montreal, and presents in his classes a unique blend of their teachings and his own self-taught experience.